About me - Rick Soetebier
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Hi, I’m Rick

My journey into self- and relationship improvement began more than 30 years ago, before I started my career in the financial-services industry. My studies helped me to become an astute observer of people and relationship issues. What I learned was invaluable to my success as a financial advisor. For 21 years, I helped individuals and couples envision their best financial futures and then take action to reach their goals.

But as I began my third decade as a financial advisor, I realized that my heart was no longer in my work. My marriage of 25 years had recently ended, and I knew that I needed to take a reassess what I truly wanted from life and how I was going to get it.

One phone call to my friend Penny set me on the right path. Penny—who later co-authored Dating Backward with me—gave me a challenge: get clear about what your passion is and dedicate yourself to it.

I took about two weeks to reflect on her challenge. At the end of that time, I had the clarity that I’d been searching for. My passion is for helping people make better relationship decisions before getting married. I have a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to draw share with others. The process that I’ve developed helps single and previously married people create clarity, improve communication, and enhance connections so that you can find the extraordinary relationships that you’re looking for.

How Do You Define An Extraordinary Relationship?

I can help you clearly define your relationship goals, communicate effectively to reach those goals, and connect with your best match.