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Finding that extraordinary person can be a significant challenge. Most people start dating with only a vague idea of what they are looking for. Consequently, they can spend months, if not years, in the wrong relationship. Worse yet, they may end up married and after the infatuation wears off discover they are in a mediocre marriage.
As a Relationship Coach, I will help you gain clarity about what you want in a mate. You will learn tips and techniques to help you quickly recognize whether he or she is worth dating further or if it's time to move on. I'll also help you identify the key components of healthy, long-lasting relationships to help ensure you don't end up settling for less than extraordinary.
Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Taking the time up front to find your extraordinary mate will pay dividends in the long run. It is much easier to be more selective up front than to have to struggle to fix a broken relationship that probably wasn't right from the beginning.

Coaching is geared for those professionals that recognize the importance of working with someone that has expertise or skills that they do not. My relationship coaching services are tailored to meet your specific needs.
I can help you:

  • Get "date-ready" after many years out of the dating world
  • Teach you how to spot the potential red flags of a bad relationship
  • Create an internet dating presence


Create Clarity

I’ve found that most people start dating before they are crystal clear about what they really want in a relationship. People who are divorced or recently out of a long-term relationship can usually paint a clear picture for me of what they don’t want. But when it comes to what their ideal mate’s characteristics are, words seem to fail them. Finding the extraordinary relationship that is right for you is no different than any other goal. You need to be certain of what your objective is, not just what it isn’t. Do you know what you’re looking for in the ideal relationship? What are your non-negotiable “Must Haves” and “Deal Breakers”? Once you find yourself in a new relationship, you may think that those feelings of being completely smitten that you’re feeling are proof that you’ve reached the goal of being in the relationship that you’ve always hoped for. But those feelings are part of the infatuation stage of a relationship. Studies have shown that infatuation can last up to two years. It isn’t until the infatuation and raging hormones subside that you can finally start seeing see what your family and friends could see more objectively earlier on. That’s when you can be more objective about your relationship. Why not learn to be more objective in your choices before you find yourself in a long-term relationship that’s headed nowhere? Coaching will help you learn to step back from the infatuation and raging hormones to evaluate realistically whether this is a great relationship for you.

Improve Communication

One of the top reasons that marriages and long-term relationships fail is a lack of clear and effective communication. When was the last time you felt “heard” by your mate? How many times have you tried to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner, only to have the conversation flair up into a full-blown argument? Can the two of you have important conversations? Are you able to talk about money, children, household chores, politics, religion, and sex—just to name a few issues that couples navigate together every day—or are these topics taboo? Learning how to discuss important relationship topics and share your deepest thoughts and feelings with the one you love is something that is relatively easy to learn. It does take practice and a partner who is willing to participate and be open.

Enhance Connections

Several important factors make a relationship extraordinary. Having an Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical connection with your mate is the foundation of such a relationship. You’ll also need to determine whether you have similar or complimentary communication styles or whether your styles are at odds with each other. Sharing common morals and values is critical for a strong, healthy relationship! Without common values, you will quickly find yourself at odds with each other over even the simplest of issues.

Avoid Toxic Relationships

Recognizing the red flags of toxic relationships is a critical skill to acquire, both for people on the dating scene and for people in relationships. It’s important to learn the key characteristics of emotionally unhealthy people, such as a sustained negative attitude, self-centeredness, the inability to let go of the past, a lack of personal responsibility, poor money management, a lack of personal boundaries, and low self-esteem. Infatuation can blind you to many, if not all, of these characteristics. Gaining awareness, recognizing that you deserve better, and learning to be strong enough to walk away quickly from a potentially toxic relationship will keep you from wasting months or years of your life. It will also help you to remain emotionally available when the right one comes along.

Coaching Plans

During our initial consultation, you’ll tell me about your current dating situation, past dating experiences, and desired outcomes so that we can determine the best course of action for you.


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