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When was the last time you left a talk feeling energized and engaged on a personal level? My goal as a speaker and workshop facilitator—whether I’m speaking to groups of 20 or 200 people about dating, healthy relationships, or connecting and communicating at the workplace—is to give each audience member insights and techniques that they can use to find and nurture extraordinary relationships.

Each workshop listed here can—and, in some cases, has already been—customized as a 45-minute or hour-long speaking engagement. I offer workshops ranging from one hour to weekend retreats according to your needs.


Created according to your needs.

Speaking Engagements

Including Workshops and Retreats

Dating Backward

Cornerstones of Great Relationships (Part 1)

Whether you’re single or have been previously married, this workshop can help you quickly clarify what you want from relationships, improve how you communicate in dating and long-term relationships, and create a lasting connection with that one special person who touches your soul. Cornerstones of Great Relationships—facilitated by Rick Soetebier—is based on Rick’s book Dating Backward.

In this course, you’ll:

  • Develop an intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical connection with your mate
  • Create Must-Have and Deal-Breaker lists
  • Recognize what a healthy relationship should look like
  • Identify red flags of toxic relationships quickly so that you don’t invest time and emotional energy in the wrong relationships.


Cornerstones of Great Relationships (Part 2)

In this companion to Part 1, you’ll learn techniques for changing self-limiting beliefs, improving communication, moving from dating to courting, and much more.

Turn Cold Calls into Warm Calls

Identifying the Best Connections Before You Make Them

Whether you’re starting a new practice or working as a team in an established company, making new connections with clients, customers, and referral and resource partners requires a substantial investment of time. Knowing how to recognize good connections quickly and communicating with new people are skills that anyone can develop. With certain commonsense techniques, you’ll be able to turn cold calls into warm calls.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Clearly define your own needs and the needs of the people you want to connect with so that you can make better decisions about whom to contact
  • Communicate your value and needs, and listen strategically
  • Connect quickly with the right people


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