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Rick Soetebier

Dating and Relationship Coach

Understanding common pitfalls of dating is important. Knowing how to avoid them is CRITICAL to your dating and relationship success!

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About me

You were married for 20, 30 or even 40 years and all of a sudden you find yourself single again. This is NOT how you envisioned your life going. Now what? You don’t want to be single and alone for the rest of your life and you’re thinking of starting to date again. Or, maybe you’ve dating for a while and it just isn’t going all that well.

Dating has changed so much in the past 20+ years and it’s almost overwhelming at times. Where do you start? Should you try online dating or not? How do you stay safe and protect yourself?

I’ve been exactly where you are. After ending a 25-year relationship with my ex-wife nearly 10 years ago, I thought jumping back into the dating world would be a piece of cake. Boy, have I learned a few things since then!

It took me a couple of years just to figure out exactly what I want in my next relationship. Along the way I started to recognize all the mistakes I’d made in the past, the red flags I’d missed or ignored, and some of the poor personal choices I’d made.

I took my 21 years of experience as a financial advisor and over 30 years of studying self and relationship improvement and co-authored the book Dating Backward: A practical guide to dating and finding your soul mate.

Soon after we started writing Dating Backward, I retired from the financial services industry. My focus turned from helping people plan their finances to helping singles make better decisions about the people they date and the relationships they enter into.

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of people gain clarity about what they want in their next relationship. They recognize what healthy relationships look like and are able avoid prolonged toxic relationships.

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